Parts Procurement

Krave Corp. purchases quality parts from reputable sources. We supply quality components in compliance with FAA/CAA/EASA standards by providing 8130 and/or JAA1 forms, with full traceability, non-incident tracking and updated SRM’s and IPC’s. Our rich outsourcing network ensures we can locate and deliver the parts you need, including hard-to-find equipment. Krave Corp. will always strive to deliver your part wherever it is required in the shortest possible time. We’re also here to act as an extension of your existing purchasing department. We have the ability to work more efficiently with many USA suppliers and manufacturers. This is an advantage of us being in their same time zone. As an extension of your operation we’re also able to interact with your project leaders and/or engineers to procure the right parts for special needs as in product improvement, retrofit, rework and/or to help to remanufacture products or equipment.