Loans and Exchanges

We are flexible and tailored to meet our customer needs and will work with you to meet your parts requirements on an loan or exchange basis. Exchanges and loans of parts are available to our customers on a contractual basis.

Our exchange program helps the airlines and maintenance facilities to reduce their inventory and minimize capital expenditures. When an overhauled accessory is ordered through exchange program, the accessory will be shipped to the customer. When it arrives, pull the core that you’re exchanging, attach the exchange tag, and ship it to Krave Corp. in the container from the fresh unit.

Exchange prices are quoted on the basis that the customer will return cores of the same part number as invoiced, in normal, repairable condition, in compliance with any applicable F.A.R.’s, and will include complete traceability data including aircraft registration, time on/off, cycles, etc, and will include a squawk and be signed by a certified technician or corporate officer.

If an acceptable core is not received within thirty (30) days of date of invoice, the entire applicable core charge will be billed to the customers account.

If an acceptable core is received over forty-five (45) days past date of invoice, the acceptance of the core will be at the sole discretion of Krave Corp.

Krave Corp. reserves the option to reject any returned units that have been damaged from external causes such as fire, crash, submersion, cannibalization, inept repair, abnormal wear, etc.

If abnormal damage is found, either at the time of exchange or later during overhaul, the exchange price will not be applicable. Instead, the customer will be invoiced on a time and material basis for the abnormal work actually performed, plus the cost of the exchange unit.

If an exchange core is found to be Beyond Economical Repair, the customer will be invoiced for the core charge listed on the original invoice.